Be a Britt Sitter

Being a Britt Sitter is a fun way to make money but it is not a job for everybody. You will need to get a permit from the city of Jacksonville, negotiate for a job and perform the agreed upon task. Here are some tips to make you a successful Britt sitter.

Answer these questions(from the sitters point of view):

  • How many sitters do you need? (two tickets per sitter)
  • How early do you want me to get in line?
  • What time do you expect to finally get to the Britt?
  • I charge $___ (fill in the blank) per hour, so that will be about $____(fill in the blank). If you need to cancel, I charge a cancellation fee of $20 dollars.
  • Review the day(s) you expect to do this work. Consult a calendar and make sure you agree
  • How can I contact you if I need to?
  • Here is my contact information: ______________ (fill in the blank.)
  • Give them your card that has your name and contact information.

Bonus Section: Being a better Britt Sitter.

Although it is not required, happy people will often tip the superior sitter. Get in line at the agreed upon time. Make sure they have your name and contact information. Bring your/borrow a cell-phone(don't waste the batteries.) Wear a colorful bandana or special hat that they can recognize in a crowd.