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The service is provided in a friendly manner to help bring people together and can only be used in the same spirit. Think of our service as a bulletin board you might find at a cafe or outside a local grocery store. We allow people to post messages. Like a public bulletin board, we will remove or block postings we feel are offensive or go counter to the spirit of this website. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the posted content. Since the review process may take several business days, we cannot guarantee all content posted will make it onto the website in a timely manner.

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We collect information to help produce a consistent quality product as accurately as possible, ensure against abuse, and keep statistics in order to find ways to improve our service. We may use a variety of methods of collecting data including setting cookies, logging page access and recording typed responses. We may store any information we collect. If recorded, we may use your email information to contact you regarding your experience at our site. We will reduce the size of our database by removing postings without notice.

Privacy Assurance

Although there might be legal circumstances when we are forced to share information we've collected, we will not sell/give your data for commercial purposes.

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